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How It Works

YOGA PASSPORTS makes it easy for yoga practitioners to consolidate third-party endorsements and tutor training credentials into a universal format everyone can love.

Improving the public's trust in yoga practitioners is accomplished with self-certification, a straightforward and sensible measure to improve yoga practitioners working lives.

We have a page with more information about YOGA PASSPORTS and a secure, electronic form to safely submit feedback and comments

To learn how self-certification works and how easy it is, send this form over the encrypted connection and everything will be taken care of by the software.

As soon as the form is sent, an excerpt is added to the public index normally within about 10 minutes. It looks like this on a smartphone:

Phone screen capture

At the same time, a certificate is sent by email which looks like this:

Certificate Example

The software does all the hard work of keeping the public record up-to-date, producing certifcates and issuing reminders. YOGA PASSPORTS automatically revokes certificates and personal details won't show on the site with absolutely no more fuss or work to do if a yoga passport is not renewed at any time and for any reason.