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Yoga Passports (YP) Handbook

The YP Handbook will contain information on the overall objective of the Yoga Passports initiative, which is to develop a range of tools to help the public understand a yoga practitioner's status, and to increase understanding of credentials.

Yoga Passports is a community run platform and comprises three services:

  1. Status Check, a free online search index accessible by the public
  2. Free online application, a secure electronic form for completion by any individual to report on his or her work experience, interests, affiliations and credentials
  3. Self-certification Certificate, issued on successful application to make the yoga practitioners status more easily understandable especially for the public, employers and other institutions in any country

The overarching aim of the Yoga Pasport initiative is to help the public, learners, tutors, trainers and employers.

The YP Handbook is for tutor training administrators, professional tutors and practitioners. Essentially, it's intended for anyone who needs reliable, up-to-date information about the Yoga Passports initiative.